Best AliExpress Clothing Vendors (2014 Collection)

When we find a reliable and good AliExpress clothing vendor, besides positive customer feedbacks and online reviews, we also consider how often they release new style clothing items and if the new items are really fashionable and trendy. I spent a whole week on searching online and browsing all customer feedbacks (positive or negative). Finally here is a full collection of highest-ranking Aliexpress clothing vendors where girls often shop from.

The list below is not ranked. (Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

Дешевые Шанель копии плюс бесплатная доставка: 2014 новый стиль!

Не каждая девушка может быть богатым, как Париж Hilton.But это не значит, что мы не имеем права владеть красивые и классические сумки Шанель. Вот несколько Шанель копии с очень низким ценам. Это стиль сумки и дизайн Шанель нам нравится, а не его цена.

Мода куб.см кожаная сумка, US $20.97

дважды с leboy сумки, US $73.83

черный Шанель Бумажник,US $122.55

дешево сумки Шанель 7 имеющихся цветов, US $44.00

Yongzheng Emperor’s Hairstyle You Have Never Seen

Chinese emperor Yongzheng is one of the controversial emperors among Chinese history. He was accused of changing his father’s will, having many many concubines and killing his birth brothers and other family members. Whatever he was a fashion emperor. Recently a style photo of Yongzheng Emperor was revealed that he wore a western style dress and also in a very vintage hair wig.

yongzheng emperor

yong zheng emperor hairstyle

Tattoo Hair Wig, Dare You Try?

A British lady named Ann McDonald had been suffering from alopecia all the years. She was so tired of wearing hair wigs every morning. If no wearing hair wig, she thought she was ugly. One day, Ann made a big decision. She spent 720 pounds asking a tattoo store to give her a tattoo hair. The whole process was made by three times, 4 hours every time. Although the whole process is paining, she made it. Most people said her new hair was so pretty. She is very happy with it herself now!

tattoo hair wig

How to Make Easy Beach Wave Hairstyle

Wave hairstyles are perfect to be worn on the beach. It’s also very easy to do!

Follow the following steps, you can easily have a perfect beach wave hairstyle like Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington:

* Step 1: Create an off balance center parting and take sections starting at the face working backwards.

* Step 2: Take each section, comb through and wrap around till the ear level.

* Step 3: Keep the styler horizontal at all times as this will give the look more width when curling.

* Step 4: Leave the curls you have created loose in order to cool down.

* Step 5: Finger through with a small amount of spray on the hands and fingers, then finish with a spritz of the spray again.