Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her


Yearly Christmas season is coming, we girls feel extremely happy since it’s time for GIFTS! This post is written for boys who’re preparing Christmas gifts for wife, girlfriend or daughter. Hope it can help you to bring your her a perfect holiday.

1. Designers handbags

Girls love bags just like men love car. Click here or here to choose a beautiful handbag for her!

2. Sexy lingerie

Ha, it’s right and you don’t reopen your eyes. Buy her a hot sexy lingerie and bring you two a fabulous and sexy holiday night! Click here to choose one. In person, I love black and red colors.

3. Perfume

Buy her a bottle of perfume with a special meaning. She will reward you with special and rather different sexy feeling!

4. A fine necklace

Buy a fine necklace for Cartier or Tiffany if you can afford.

5. Watch

Not only men love brand watches, so do we girls.

6. Apple

This apple doesn’t mean the one you can eat. iPhone, iPad or Macbook!

7. Treadmill

It can help your girls to keep fit and sexy!

8. Bikini

Just like sexy lingerie, you can also buy her a hot bikini. You must know why. ^_~

9. Beauty care club card

You can buy her a beauty care club card by times, month or year!

10. Journey

Absolutely exciting and pleasant gift for you both.

Acer Selfie-Hat: Just Bring Ridiculous Selfie Tech to a New Level

Undoubtedly Acer Selfie-Hat just brought ridiculous selfie tech to a new level.

acer selfie hat

This latest weird development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 tablet held by the hat’s fold-down flap. The tablet is located on the hat in such a way that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim for the ideal selfie.

Even more alarming, there was actual thought put into the “couture” aesthetic of it. It was designed in collaboration with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis and Acer UK.

acer selfie hat 2014 selfie hat 2014

TaTa Top: Dare U Try?

Designed by Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, the TaTa Top is a skin colored bikini adorned with nipples, giving the very convincing illusion of toplessness. If you want to look special on beach or not dare enough to enter #FreeTheNipple movement, you can try this one!

ta ta top

tata top the ta ta top

The official website of TaTa top:

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