Saturday, August 16. 2014

Fashion Bloggers and Counterfeit Bags

This week’s topic is about fashion blogger and counterfeit bags. Just like every knows that, to be a popular fashion blogger, you must have many beautiful BRAND bags which you can show your readers since all girls like enjoying Chanel, Dior, LV etc bags. However, not every fashion blogger has a wealthy daddy or husband.

I can say 100% for sure almost more than half fashion bloggers have bought counterfeit bags intentionally. In person, I don’t think there is some big problems with their buying counterfeit bags. Every girl has the right to own beautiful things.

We have tried our best to save money to buy a real Chanel bag. But sometimes we want several ones. Regret for the rest life or buy a counterfeit one? I believe there will be on a very few girls who stick their original meaning.

I saw many girls who’re talking bloggers who bought or wore counterfeit bags one. Actually speaking, what the hell with you girls? They’re trying to real ones but failed. If having enough money, who wants fake ones instead?

So keep your mouth silent. Work hard to try buying real ones. If failed, you may buy a second hand real bag or a TOP QUALITY counterfeit one. Karl will not blame you since he doesn’t have the power to let all girls rich enough to afford a Chanel 2.55. ^_~

The following pictures can help you to distinguish real and fake designer bags:

fake dior

fake lv

fake chanel bag

fake balenciaga

fake prada

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Saturday, August 09. 2014

Work Outfit: Black&White Striped Top VS Black Pencil Skirt


My husband and I are both very busy this week. He has a project to complete while my work was adjusted. Total unknown about my current works. But I have confidence I can make it if I study harder and work harder. Fighting!!!


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Saturday, August 02. 2014

Casual Style: Three Cute Owl T-shirt & Red Short Skirt


It’s Chinese traditional Valentine’s day today! My husband and I went to a nearby Thai restaurant named Very Siam to celebrate it. The red skirt I wore was from Forever21 and very easy to match different looks.


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Friday, August 01. 2014

How to Distinguish Human Hair Wigs

Girls nowadays like wearing hair wigs for good looking or physiological defect like cancer. Also along with the improvement of living standard, girls prefer to choose better quality  human hair wigs which are more expensive but said to be less harmful to body health. The following tips will teach you how to distinguish good or bad human hair wigs.

Tip 1: Lighter

cute lips lighter

It’s easy and rather reliable to burn several hair to test the quality!

Tip 2: Hand feel & visual observation.


You can simply know if a hair wig is made from human hair or synthetic by hand feel or visual observation.

Tip 3: Colour and lustre

tell good or bad hair wig

Hair wig with synthetic element has unnatural color looking. Few sellers use synthetic hair wig to cheat customers since synthetic hair wig differs from human hair wig rather differently.   Almost every girl can tell so it’s unnecessary  and useless to do that.

Tip 4: Workmanship

bad quality hair wif

It’s common for hair wig to drop hair but bad quality hair wig drops very easily and very hard to organize. Also the needle eyes of bad hair wigs are very big while the cap is very badly made and uneasy for cooling heat.

Tip 5: Factory or brand

queen hair wig aliexpress

Try to buy human hair wigs from well-known providers since small or unknown ones often add some bad quality hair to wig to reduce the cost.

Click here to see a full list of best hair vendors on AliExpress that provide good quality human hair extensions and wigs!

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Friday, August 01. 2014

Where Human Hair Wigs & Extensions Are Mostly Produced in China

Some girls asked me about main hair production places in China through email. Today I will answer briefly.

human hair wigs

There’re 4 cities in China that make 90% human hair wigs sold around the world. Xuchang, Qingdao, Ningbo and Hangzhou. Among these 4 cities, Xuchang is the biggest one, and then Qingdao. Xuchang and Qingdao mainly produces high quality human hair wigs and extensions.

Some girls told me they also bought from some stores located in Yiwu. Yiwu is a very big wholesale market where you can find many kinds of creative and everyday use goods. But products from Yiwu are mainly known for cheap and very small value.

If you pay attention to popular AliExpress hair stores’ locations, you can find most of them are from Xuchang or Qingdao. Some stores are located in Guangzhou since Guangzhou is the biggest trade market in China to world. The store is located in Guangzhou while the hair is from Xuchang or Qingdao.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to email me. I’m very glad if I can help you. ^_~

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Wednesday, July 30. 2014

Best AliExpress Clothing Vendors (2014 Collection)

2014 summer sale

When we find a reliable and good AliExpress clothing vendor, besides positive customer feedbacks and online reviews, we also consider how often they release new style clothing items and if the new items are really fashionable and trendy. I spent a whole week on searching online and browsing all customer feedbacks (positive or negative). Finally here is a full collection of highest-ranking Aliexpress clothing vendors where girls often shop from.

The list below is not ranked. (Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

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Tuesday, July 29. 2014

Дешевые Шанель копии плюс бесплатная доставка: 2014 новый стиль!

red chanel bags

Не каждая девушка может быть богатым, как Париж Hilton.But это не значит, что мы не имеем права владеть красивые и классические сумки Шанель. Вот несколько Шанель копии с очень низким ценам. Это стиль сумки и дизайн Шанель нам нравится, а не его цена.

Мода куб.см кожаная сумка, US $20.97

дважды с leboy сумки, US $73.83

черный Шанель Бумажник,US $122.55

дешево сумки Шанель 7 имеющихся цветов, US $44.00

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