3 Cute Christmas Party Dresses for Little Girls

Saying goodbye to Halloween, we are much closer to yearly Christmas holiday. During such a cold but everybody with warm heart holiday, even a baby girl has the right to dress up.

1. Cute flower party dress for 3-7 age girls, $10.27

cute flower party dress

Where to buy: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/RRVZFYFmq

2. Christmas stripe party dress for baby girls, $6.87

christmas party dress little girls

Where to buy: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/rf2RbUVBQ

3. Christmas sequined layers party dress for little girls, $12.66

christmas dress little girls

Where to buy: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/nMBu7MJuJ

Top 10 Best-selling #613 Hair Extensions on AliExpress

Having a blonde hair is many girl’s dream, but not everyone can reach it. #613 is a perfect blonde hair color. Here’re the top 10 best selling #613 hair extensions sold on AliExpress!

Lightest blonde AAAAA grade 613# Water wave machine weft hair weaving 12″ 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ 100g/pc 4pcs a lot, $167.52 – $211.01/lot

6a Peruvian virgin hair, 613# hair extension ,blonde body wave , 100g/piece, 4pcs /lot , free shipping, $239.00 – $332.00/lot

Pretty Lady 613# 3 bundles Brazilian bleached body Hair extensions 100g/pc north face women DHL free shipping, $120.08 – $213.58/lot

Queen hair cheap brazilian virgin hair 1 pcs lot free shipping brazilian Body wave hair 12″-28” hair extensions very soft BH501, $57.20 – $84.48/piece

Brazilian virgin Deep wave 100%human remy hair 3pcs/lot 100g/pcs (18″/20″/22″/24″/26″) color1b DHL free shipping best quality, $158.70 – $285.20/lot

613# 20″ 22″ 20pcs blonde tape extension human indian remy 100% hair with tape in extension free shipping Hot sale Promotion DHL, $39.99/lot

613# 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ 24″ 26″ light blonde double sided tape remy Indian weft virgin hair extension 20 pieces/set promotion, $19.00 – $48.64/lot

#613 new star bleached knots 4*4inches size free style 6a unprocessed virgin hair blonde color lace closure body wave weaves, $33.54 – $58.48/piece

Virgin hair size 4″*4″ unprocessed Brazilian straight hair lace top closure 8″-18″ color 1B can be dyed free shipping, $56.00 – $82.00/piece

Bleach Blond Brazilian Hair Body Wave 3Pcs Lots Human Virgin Hair Extensions Weave 12″-30″ Color #613, $149.00 – $253.00/lot

Top 10 Cute iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) Cases for Girls

Every time Tim Cook released a new Apple product, people judged him. So does iPhone 6, so did iPhone 5. However, all new Apple products released by Tim Cook have been sold out. Sometimes people always say things differently from what they will do. I may not buy an iPhone 6 since I think it’s a little bigger now. But who knows if I will buy it later since women’s thinkings always change. ^_~

cute iphone 6 4.7 inch cases for girls

1. iPhone 6 4.7 inch diamond pearl pink star case, $16.88
2. Pink Barbie mirror luxury case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $9.69
3. iPhone 6 4.7 inch Hello Kitty silicone soft case with chain, $6.75
4. Lovely cat hard cover case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $5.99
5. KEEP CALM AND ENJOY LIFE hard cover case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $1.99
6. Sexy bikini case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $3.99
7. Cool color paintbox iPhone 6 4.7 inch case, $2.99
8. Cute Minnie Mouse soft silicone case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $6.55
9. Marilyn Monroe bubble gum case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $2.99
10. Cute Hello Kitty hard case for iPhone 6 4.7 inch, $2.86

Top 5 Ombre Brazilian Hair Extensions for Sale

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Top 5 ombre Brazilian hair extensions from AliExpress for sale. 100% Brazilian human hair with perfect coloring.

The thing I will never do is to let my dear readers down. Many girls read my blog since I often share tips on shopping human hair extensions from AliExpress. And here is a new one. ^_~

#1 Unprocessed ombre Brazilian human hair extensions, 1B4 27/30 color, $85.82 – $245.61 / lot

aliexpress ombre hair extension 1

Buy here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-6A-Brazilian-Virgin-Hair-Body-Wave-Brazilian-Three-Tone-3pcs-1b-4-27-Ombre-Hair/1860223275.html

#2 Ombre Brazilian virgin hair extensions, three tone colors (#1b #33 #27), $55.51 – $167.14 / lot

aliexpress ombre hair extension 2Buy here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/3Pcs-Lot-5A-Ombre-Hair-Extensions-Brazilian-Virgin-Hair-Weave-Body-Wave-3-Three-Tone-Color/1739952047.html

#3 Ombre Brazilian virgin hair extension, 1b #27 color, $80.15 – $195.35 / lot

aliexpress ombre hair extension 3

Buy here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Spark-Ombre-Hair-Extension-Queen-Brazilian-Body-Wave-Virgin-Hair-Two-tones-Human-Hair/1889978497.html

#4 Ombre Brazilian weave hair extension, multi colors, $34.13 – $210.48 / lot

aliexpress ombre hair extension 4

Buy here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/100-brazilian-ombre-hair-extensions-1B-BG-virgin-two-tone-human-hair-weavebody-wave-remy-hair/1681593554.html

#5 Weft weaving ombre Brazilian hair extension, Natural dark brown color, $137.98 – $262.13 / lot

aliexpress ombre hair extension 5

Buy here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-star-conpamy-more-wave-5A-Brazilian-virgin-hair-extensions-machine-weft-10-34inch-DHL-UPS/473567580.html

Top 10 Decorative Throw Pillow Covers For Sale

Men can never imagine how and why girls love holding throw pillows or push dolls so much. As for me, holding a cute pillow in my hands can make me feel more sweet and safe. It also reminds me that I’m still young and cute. Besides holding in hands, throw pillows are mostly used for decoration. Here are top 10 creative throw pillows I found on AliExpress. Hope they can do something sweet to your dear house. ^_~

creative throw pillow covers 45cm

1. MJ creative throw pillow cover 45cm*45cm, $12.99
2. Miss Cat decorative throw pillow cover, $8.07
3. Star of the Andy Warhol creative throw pillow cover, $16.88
4. Children cartoon decorative throw pillow cover, $7.69
5. Mr right & Mr always right creative pillow cover 45cm*45cm, $19.99
6. Mr and Mr romantic pillow cover 45cm*45cm, $14.50
7. LV 45cm*45cm throw pillow cover, $16
8. Chanel black and white throw pillow cover, $18
9. Cute cat throw pillow cover 30cm*40cm, $8.11
10. Bear & Lion decorative pillow cover, $12.82

How to tell if a designer handbag is fake


If you’re planing to buy a designer handbag, this article will help you to spot fake or replica designer handbags from genuine ones.

1. Understand the difference between a knock-off and a genuine bag. Knowing the difference enables you to make an informed choice about the purchase of any bag.

  • A genuine designer bag is made by the original well-known designer; it can also be made by a less-known designer but the main focus is on high-end designers. The bag’s logo, charms, attachments, etc., are all part of the original design down to the exact positioning and number of such features. Tags, signatures or marks stating the designer’s name form an integral part of the bag’s overall design and authenticity. Price is determined by what the consumer is prepared to pay for a designer label.
  • A legal knock-off/imitation is “designer-inspired” but not a direct copy. Provided such a bag does not claim to be the original designer’s bag and does not attempt to use the trademarked symbols, logos, or features. In most cases, it can legally imitate the style and colors of an authentic designer bag while taking care of any defining features deviate in evident ways in order to avoid copyright. Although it may suggest the bag’s similarities to the brand that it’s inspired by, it won’t claim to be an actual designer bag. Without close inspection, the additions can be easily mistaken for the real thing, sometimes causing you to spend too much on it in the belief of the original designer’s bag. However, if you know what to look for, you should be able to spot the differences.
  • Illegal, fake bags put themselves across as being the genuine designer’s bag, right down to the very last logo, tag, charms, etc. Fakes copy everything about the designer bag, and pass themselves off as the original brand with no attempt to distinguish themselves as look-alikes. Prices for fakes can vary considerably from cheap to trying to sell the bag for high amounts. It is illegal to make fake merchandise, and while buying it, doing so supports illegal activity.
  • Be aware that designer-inspired bags can carry the blessing of the original high-end designer where adequate compensation has been paid and contracts exchanged allowing for lower-end knock-offs in chain retailers, etc. Usually the store will proudly say something along the lines of “as licensed by X brand for our store”.

2. Be store wise.

  • The best place to purchase a designer bag is to go to a renowned store to for designer bags. Suitable stores include stores that carry the same name as the brand and quality department or boutique stores. The staff should be knowledgeable when questioned about the pedigree, quality, and guarantees concerning the bag.
  • Assume that any designer bag being sold at a flea market or street vendor is suspect. Designer labels do not authorize street vendors to sell designer bags or purses. It would be a rare occasional find to have a cheap designer bag being thrown out at a flea market; it’s possible but improbable.
  • Know all you can about designer bags if you’re purchasing from estate sales, thrift stores, online auction sites, etc. Apply the following steps to any purchases of designer bags made at such places.
  • Ask trusted fashionistas you know where they purchase their designer bags from. They’ll be wise to the good stores.

3. Be realistic about the price.

  • Designer bags cost a lot of money because they are well crafted and they’re status symbols. If the price is too good to be true, then it is, and the bag’s a fake.
  • If you do buy legal knock-offs, be sure you don’t pay much and double check the quality!

4. Ask the vendor if the bag is real, a copy, or a fake.

  • Judge for yourself the ring of authenticity from the answer; keep your emotions in check and your common sense at the forefront. Sellers who avoid answering questions or are evasive have something to hide.
  •  Ask if you can return it if it’s faulty or fake. Naturally, don’t expect street vendors to agree to this!
  • Ask if there are any certificates of authenticity accompanying the bag.

5. Know the signs of a fake or knockoff bag.

There are numerous signs that can point to a bag’s lack of authenticity:

  • The stitching: Look closely at the stitching of the bag. Sloppy, slanted, and uneven stitching is a sign of a poorly made, and therefore, a fake bag. Designer bags will always have quality stitching because it is part of the designer’s reputation to produce a quality item.
  • Check the tags or labels. Check the inside tags – are they stamped into leather or hand-stitched? An obvious fake will have no name on the inside tag. Check outside tags as well because many designers include authenticity labels on the outside of the bag.
  • Check the material. If it’s leather, it should smell like leather. If it’s supposed to be durable canvas, it should be strong and well stitched. The material can tell you a lot about the bag’s quality. If the real bag normally has a pattern inside then the fake bags with mainly have just one colour throughout the inside.
  • Check the logo. Logos are often a slip-up area for copies. They may have spelled the name slightly differently, such as Carter instead of Cartier. And, the more popular the “knocked off” bag, the greater the need to be careful because it’s easy to be taken advantage of. When you look at the stitching on the sides and you see the “LV” it should be continued onto the other side of the bag and this also goes for the other symbols on the bag. And most knockoff Chanel bags have interlocking Os instead of Cs, which actually makes it legal to sell but is, of course, a fake. They snip it to make it look real when it comes out of a dust bag.
  • Look for a serial number. This is a stamp inside that says the brand (it may not be in all bags). Often times the serial number is still fake, but will look different and be a different font.
  • Check the lining. If the interior sounds like paper rubbing together, then it’s not the real thing. A real designer bag will be lined, and often with leather. Again, check the stitching of the lining if relevant, and observe if it is double stitching ( not always the case).
  • Look for color variations. Although some variations will be blatant, others may be very subtle. Be sure to have a close inspection.
  • Notice wear break-in. Although this is post-purchase, how your bag wears in can be a sign of its authenticity. For example, the leather on the handle, after a few weeks, should look like a good worn leather jacket does. It should have an “aged look”. Stitching should stay intact and not begin to fray. Zipper handles that fall off early on indicate a fake.

6. Check the hardware, if it does not look like authentic hardware, feels light, has rough edges, ect. it may be a fake.

7. Check the zipper manufacturer, usually the underside of the zipper will have a logo. Many handbag manufacturers use the same high quality zipper manufacturer on all of their bags.

8. Don’t confuse a designer bag with making a purchase of value.

With a designer bag, you’re buying the label as much as the bag and it may not be to your budget’s benefit unless money is not an issue. Always check the bag, designer or ordinary brand, for its quality before its style. That way, you’ll soon learn that even some designer ranges make compromises that aren’t acceptable for the price asked. It hardly makes sense to spend $1000 on a plastic bag with a designer label over a well-made ordinary label leather bag at $200. Investigate and keep your head in charge of your wallet, not your fashion-hijacked heart.

This post was originally published on wikiHow

5 Leopard Sneakers You Must Love

Shop from my latest collection of trendy leopard sneakers from my favorite stores.

#1 Cool leopard running sneakers, $32.50 (Free shipping)

cool leopard sneakers


#2 Black classic leopard home sneakers, $34.10 (Free shipping)

black leopard sneakers


#3 Special lace leopard running sneakers, $44.16 (Free shipping)

leopard sneaker


#4 N leopard running sneakers, $10.92

N leopard sneakers


#5 Leopard wedge sneakers, $33.25