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    The vulcanizer should be replaced after running for a period of time. The oil change is determined by the degree of contamination of the oil. However, how to grasp the time of oil change is also a problem. Today, Xiaobian has helped you find some ways to determine the oil change period of vulcanizer.

    1. Visually changing the oil method. It is based on the experience of maintenance personnel, according to the visual observation of some changes in the conventional state of oil - such as oil blackening, smelling, turning Milky white, etc., to decide whether to change oil. This method depends on the experience accumulated by the actual operators.

    2. Sampling and testing methods. Sampling and testing of oil in vulcanizer regularly, determining necessary items (such as viscosity, acidity, moisture, particle size and content, corrosion, etc.) and indicators, and comparing actual measured value of oil quality with prescribed oil deterioration standard, determining whether oil should be replaced or not. Sampling time: The hydraulic system of general construction machinery should be carried out one week before the oil change period. The key equipment, such as TBM full-face tunneling machine, should be sampled every 500 hours. The test results should be filled in the equipment technical files. Sampling and testing methods are applicable to key equipment and large hydraulic equipment.

    3, regular oil change method. According to the environmental conditions, working conditions and oil exchange cycle of the equipment site, the replacement will be carried out at the expiration date. This method is applicable to enterprises with more hydraulic equipment.
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